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If you’ve done any website work, you’ve been there, wondering what hosting needs you have, where you should host your site and what kind of service you will get from the host you choose. You can do all sorts of homework, asking around for referrals and reading reviews, but until the time comes when you have that one FTP account that isn’t working quite right, or you need some other assistance with your account, you really aren’t sure what you have with your website hosting provider.

We at WiWEB Host (Wisconsin Web Host) have been there. As a matter of fact, WiWEB Host is owned and operated by folks just like you. We realize that everyone has challenges they face from time to time, and we want to give you personal, specialized service, not just some form e-mail that gets kicked back at you when you e-mail support or open a support ticket. Do we have those automated answers? Yes, but they are followed up with personalized service, by the owners themselves, because we know what it’s like to try to find a good, reliable, reasonably priced web host.

Believe it or not, WiWEB Host was born on a duck hunting trip in the fall of 2001. We were sitting in our duck blind waiting for daylight so we could start hunting and started talking about where our various websites were hosted and the challenges and dilemmas we faced on an all too often basis. We decided to look into what it would take to start hosting on our own, dedicated to customer service and reasonably priced hosting. We decided to start hosting in a specialized area, Coldfusion. Face it, websites are being driven by a lot of database technology these days, and even the most basic of websites can benefit from being database driven. Coldfusion is becoming a more widely used programming language because of its ease of use and succinctness in coding. Also, we felt we could fill a niche that was being filled with overpriced, underserved hosts.

And so, here we are. WiWEB Host is here for you. We are a friendly bunch. We aren’t the biggest hosting company, but with WiWEB Host, you will get to know the OWNERS of the company, not just a bunch of automated e-mails.

Thanks for your support.

WiWEB Host Team